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Rover, the second Space Dog, is the reason we call space robots “rovers” today. Sadly, Rover died due to an ejector seat malfunction.
Pay tribute to him by buying Fake Science 101. It’s our completely new textbook. It’s 272 pages. Full color. Cheap. And it will make you smart.
We promise to start spamming about it less.
But don’t take our word that the book is worth your time. Learn more at Slate, Mental Floss, Forbes, Splitsider, the Huffington Post, Laughing Squid, Mashable, Business Insider, Geeks Are Sexy, Daily Dot, It’s OK To Be Smart, Real Clear Science, and more.
Or listen about it on the Smart People Podcast or Geek Speak Radio.
You can also read our AMAA on Reddit.
Thanks for tolerating our spam. None of this would be possible without you—really. We have scientifically proven that our readers are the best. And thanks for making the right decision. For Rover.

Rick Ross at my studio #3

kanji【門】- gate

great to be a gangsta 
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